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POPCORN….Very nervous mouse that twitches a lot. He had a run in with the cook in the Pub's kitchen. The cook ran after him with the broom. Pot's and pans were flying as the two went around the kitchen. Then a clever came down and almost cut of his tail. Popcorn managed to escape, but the experience stayed with him. Any sudden movement or noise made poor Popcorn twitch and jump.
BLACKBERRY….She has dark black fur. Perfectly round cute ears. A elegant long tail, and eye's that seem to sparkle. Blackberry is very intelligent, and wise. Stanley the head mouse always has Blackberry help him make any important decisions.
SIGNAL LIGHT….He has black fur, and exceptionally large red eye's. At night time when the light caches his eye's, they glow so bright, that they look like the red signal lights on the poles at the station.
LUGGAGE….His body is quite rectangular shaped. Looking somewhat like a suite case. The Railway mice decided to call him Luggage. He is a strong mouse with a big personality. He loves to joke around, and play with the other mice.
ELDERBERRY….A beautiful wise mouse with dark reddish black fur. She is very practical and good at making decisions.
FLOWER….Flower likes to adorn herself with all kinds of flowers. There's always a flower chain around her neck, and sometimes a single flower behind her ear. She's very sensitive and dreamy in nature. Her white fur and long lashes make her a attractive looking mouse.
SNOW….He is a white mouse with red eyes.
Stanley….Head mouse among the Railway Mice of Countesthorpe. Stanley was the name of the last Station Master that worked at the Countesthorpe railway station. He had total control over the trains and people. When Stanley called, "All aboard," everyone got on the train. Then when Stanley blew his whistle, the train began to move. It was clear to the mice that Stanley the Station Master was a very important person. That's why the head mouse at the station was also called Stanley.
ROSE….Rose was Stanley's wife. She was very motherly to her young and the other mice. Every mouse loved Rose, and usually went to her with their sorrows.
BARRETT….The daughter of Rose & Stanley. She was a smart little mouse. Barrett always helped her Mum out with her brothers and sisters.
MOON….It was easy to recognize Moon. Her fur is brown. But on her side she has one perfectly round patch of white fur. The mice said it looked like the moon, so that's how she got her name. When the mice, get sick, it's Moon and Flower that heals them with herbs.
KEY….Called Key because he gets into everything! Key has no fear of anything. He's a young mouse that's extremely adventurous. He loves birds. Ounce he tried to fly, like a bird! He's quite funny, and loves to play with the other mice. Key is one of my favourite characters. PETAL….Referred to as Key's Mum more than her given name. Petal is always wondering what her son Key, is getting up too. She worries about him all the time. Especially since the time he tried to fly! BUTTERCUP….She has a lovely soft yellowish fur.
HAROLD….The oldest mouse among the Railway mice. Harold is the story teller. He tells the mice about his adventures, in the big city of Leicester. All the mice love Harold, and his stories. Harold has a hat pin which he uses to walk with.
WHOO WHOO….Being the largest of the Railway mice presented some challenges for Whoo Whoo. One day Whoo Whoo and another mouse got stuck trying to get through a tunnel at the same time. It took a lot of digging by the other mice to get them out of the tunnel. The Railway mice are lazy mice. They don't like work of any kind. They certainly were not going to make all their tunnels bigger. After much thinking, the mice came up with a good idea. Blackberry told the large mouse to call down the tunnel like the train. This would give time for the other mice to get out the way. The large mouse called out, whooo whooo. In no time at all, the mice began calling him, Whoo Whoo.
 CHARLES ANTHONY MCGEE….Affectionately called McGee. McGee has a small muscular body. He always wears a bit of Tartan around his neck. As does all his clan. McGee lives with his clan in a old abandoned windmill, in Kirnewton, Scotland.
PEGGY….This is McGees wife. Peggy is a caring mouse with a heart of gold.
JIMMY….McGees friend.
SANDY….A pale brown mouse that's very good at tracking scents. HAGGIS….One of the mice in the clan.
FREDA….Freda is a pink female pig. She's plump as a dumpling and has a lovely spiral tail, and long eye lashes. Freda is in love with Georgie, the pig.
GEORGE….George is a cute black spotted, white pig. He has a flat snout and chubby cheeks. George is also a poet and loves Freda.
RUFFUS….is a large striped British Saddle pig. He is also in love with Freda, the pig. But Freda only has eye's for Georgie.
BAZZ…Tall, slender and evil looking. Bazz is one mean rat. He is the 'boss' of the rats, and he makes sure they know it!
RUBO….Short round rat that drawls with his speech.
GARTH….Average size rat. Has a deformed paw, and half a tail, which he lost in a fight for leadership with Bazz.
MR.PICKLES….A very jolly farmer who loves to sing. He’s a friend of the mice in Countesthorpe and Scotland.
MR.SIMMS….First name is Robert. He owns the Newsagent store next to The Railway pub.
SALLY….The lady with the dog.
HELEN….Lady pushing the pram with the baby inside.
EVA…She is small and slender with large silver wings and long golden hair.
RUBY….also small and slender with large silver wings that have a green edge to them. Ruby's hair is long and red.
ARGYLE….is Mr. Pickle's dog.
OWL….Long eared owl. Owl has orange eyes, and ears that stand up in the middle of his head like a crown. Friend to many animals in the village.
CHIP….is a sparrow. He is Keys friend.
FOXY….the fox, lives close to his friends the Railway mice.
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