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Sharon Elaine Laker was born in Leicester, England, and grew up in the village of Countesthorpe, Leicestershire. She, her sister, Kim, and her cousin Lesley grew up playing around the village’s old train station and in the farmland surrounding it.


Sharon moved to Canada when she was nineteen and eventually made her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She attended the University of Manitoba and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in human ecology and psychology. In recent years, she has worked with children with special needs. She has also worked as a fashion merchandiser, costume designer, photographer,and jewelry designer.


Today Sharon lives in the beautiful Annapolis valley in Lakeville, Nova Scotia, Canada. She has two children, Melanie and Charlie,and three dogs.


In her free time, Sharon enjoys working on crafts and selling them at her annual craft show. She worked on The Railway Mice of Countesthorpe for about ten years

Sharon Laker with artist Eileen Boyd


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