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The Railway Mice of Countesthorpe


by Sharon Laker

A children's book for age groups 7-11 years.


A group of friendly, fun-loving mice have made their home next to anabandoned railway station in Countesthorpe, England. Most days, the mice watch the humans come and go and wonder what they do with the newspapers they buy.

Meanwhile, a small mouse named McGee is trying to figure out how he’s going to feed his family during the drought in Scotland. As luck would have it, McGee finds an open bag of barley, but it’s in the back of a van. Soon McGee unexpectedly finds himself in the small English village of Countesthorpe.

There, McGee meets the friendly group of mice who promise to help himget back home to his family. The mice discover they must ask other animals in the village to help them get McGee back to Scotland. Everyone works together to overcome the various challenges that arise. Along the way, the mice, McGee, and other animals become good friends and have all sorts of exciting adventures.

"I Enjoyed reading this light hearted story or whimsical animals. The way they pulled together to help a friend in need return home. A great story for the young at heart (any age) Love to see a sequel come out on this gang of fun loving animals. Great job Sharon . Much continued success. KEEP WRITING"
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